Hello Friends,

Sometime we want to upload large database table to server but phpMyAdmin have limit to upload SQL large *.sql files..

When we create database table “phpsolutions” from mysql admin server make 3 files “phpsolutions.frm”, “phpsolutions.MYD” and “phpsolutions.MYI”

These files are located at “/var/lib/mysql/phpsolutions”.. we can check this location by phpinfo.php


We can upload all these 3 files to server using ftp or rsync.

Here source location may be either Windows or Linux and destination may be both.

We can upload zip of all 3 files “phpsolutions.frm”, “phpsolutions.MYD” and “phpsolutions.MYI” for the table “phpsolutions” and after upload to server; we can unzip to mysql folder “/var/lib/mysql/phpsolutions”.

As files successfully uploaded to online server we can check new table “phpsolutions” from phpMyAdmin.

Keep up good work…. :)

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